MSI Inc's team of consultants has the necessary experience and industry know-how to help you with all facets of your business; from inception to marketing to management.

The Team

Out team is separated into three main areas of work that coordinate together to reach an optimized product as result. Each area works on ideas for every project. The team's knowledge create a great complement to each other in order to build a structured environment.

Programming Engineers:

According to your goal, the programming engineers will develop your product to be easy to understand by end user. And will provide the necessary tools to make your business a sucessful one.

Design Team:

Our design professionals will analyze site and software interfaces in order to deliver the best end user experience, taking into account SEO standards when working on websites and web applications.

SEO and Marketing Professionals:

Once a web product is ready, the SEO and Marketing team will take over in order to guarantee that it complies with the necessary guidelines and reach the best exposition to your site.

This team will also be in charge of reporting back to the customer with monthly business reports to show the performance of the web product and the results obtained from any online marketing efforts.