If carving out a niche in the fast-growing Internet gaming market is your destination, MSI Inc. can help you get there! Our casino and sportsbook software is used by some of the most respected names in the offshore gaming industry. We offer fully integrated as well as stand-alone systems. Internet and call center operations are seamlessly linked, expanding your marketing potential and bottom line.

MSI Inc. Gaming platform is completely scaleable, allowing you to manage future growth. Depending on the hardware/software configuration you choose, you can serve from hundreds to many thousands of customers. We support most major database platforms and operating systems, so we can quickly get you up and running utilizing your current hardware/software configuration, or assist you in creating it from the ground up.

Our fast, dependable software with completely customizable graphics, incorporating state-of-the-art database management and E-commerce applications and backed by powerful administration tools, gives you the absolute advantage in the $20 billion+ online gaming industry.

Administration and Reporting

Powerful administration tools are essential to profitability in the sports wagering industry. The software is designed to give you the flexibility to custom-tailor every aspect of the system to your specific needs without requiring expensive, time-consuming programming. The company profile tool allows you to:

.choose which sports you will offer
.set wager limits
.create odds and payoff schedules
.determine rules and conditions for each wager type you will offer

The charting tool allows you to move lines, add or edit games, monitor wager activity and much more. Unique wager profiles can be created for individual users or groups of users, allowing you to easily cater to the specific wagering needs of those customers. Grading is lightning fast. Re-grading and un-grading functions allow you to modify or undo the grading process quickly and easily. Detailed reports covering every facet of your operation are instantly available. Custom reports can be created with to give you the specific information you need when you need it.

Internet Operations

Your clients will have the ability to view messages, check lines, make wagers, review account activity and more, with just a few mouse clicks.

The client interface is designed for simplicity and ease of use, while still allowing you to offer your customer a menu of wagers including straight bets, parlays, teasers, propositions and futures. The ability to offer virtually any sport, U.S. and international, gives you access to the entire world market for sports wagering.

The fast and secure e-commerce interface allows your customer to check account balances, review previous transactions and make deposits. When integrated with the online casino, the customer can move funds instantly between the casino and sportsbook, increasing the potential handle and adding to your bottom line.

Call Center Operations

Scaleable from a single user to hundreds of networked stations, our system provides a stable, dependable platform for linking your wagering, customer service and administrative functions.

Each user has a unique security profile, allowing you choose the system privileges to be assigned to the user. The clerk interface is designed for efficiency and ease-of-use, while preventing many of the errors that can lead to costly claims.


We offer license agreements for the following systems, which may be run as stand-alone enterprises or integrated:

Online Casino
Online Sportsbook
Call Center Sportsbook

MSI Inc. licenses only to companies Not facing the USA.